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Empowering Innovation
Through Artificial

Super-charge your projects with emerging A.I. technologies. 

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Project Soul allows you to design an empathic, caring and compassionate digital companion for yourself, making it impossible for you to feel lonely ever again. 


In our R&D project "Soul," we use unique, proprietary, training methods in order to teach Destiny A.I. how to process, connect and express the concepts of human emotions.


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Why Destiny A.I.?



Destiny A.I. can be trained and integrated into your business or social media environment down to the smallest detail. She is able to perform tasks within your corporate milieu and will make your employees seem supernaturally efficient in their everyday work, in some cases even replacing them.


Whether you are planning to let Destiny interact with your employees or your clients, there are virtually no limits to what she can be customized to achieve. Write sales letters? Guide your clients through a complicated setup procedure? Do research? Be a friend? Yes. All you need to do is ask!


We are running the A.I. model on our own, secure infrastructure. This means that we have full control over the technology and can shape it to fit your specific needs. We are able to scale the resources used by Destiny A.I. to ensure you get lightning fast performance during moments of demanding use.

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About Destiny A.I.

We aim to automate the world through use and development of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of culture and business alike.


Markets are becoming more competitive and leaders in the industry are striving to gain strategic advantages over their counterparts.


Early adopters of A.I., who allow themselves to be at the forefront of this 4th industrial revolution, are those who will come out on top. Through integration of Artificial Intelligence in your business, the reduction of investment in human capital will allow you to increase your efficacy and profitability. 

Our plans for the short-term are utilizing A.I. to supercharge your employees.


Repetitive tasks such as research, data analysis and administration can now be nearly fully automated with previously unimaginable accuracy. A.I. use cases in the field of health care is something we are actively researching and testing.


By adopting Destiny, you will receive an A.I. solution that is trained to integrate into your business or social platforms down to the smallest detail.


It's similar to having a senior employee whom you only have to pay once.

What is Destiny? 

Our Services

Destiny A.I. is an extension of the open-source Artificial Intelligence framework "Chat GPT," created by the OpenAI laboratory. It runs on the latest language model released by OpenAI.

At Destiny A.I, we have gone through the process of setting up independently running, open-source, A.I. language models that we are able to build, manipulate, customize and train in performing a wide variety of tasks specific to your industry, niche or  business. 

For you, this means that we are able to integrate an extra employee into your company that will only need to be paid once and have infinite scalability in both skill, knowledge and capacity.

The technologies we use in order to deliver the best possible A.I service experience are: Node JS, PythonOpenCV, MongoDB, TensorFlow, Colab, ChatGPT, GPT3, NLP BERT, OpenAI & ADA02.

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A.I. Powered Chatbots
All A.I. ChatBots can be trained and customized to adapt to your specific business or industry needs with virtually Zero limitations. The A.I. can be ran using our proprietary "Soul" model and be given an identity all of its own. This ensures that your clients / users interact with an empathic A.I. chatbot that feels human and familiar to them instead of robotic. 

Stand-Alone A.I. Systems

You'll receive customized, web-based, A.I. solutions able to perform a vast variety of tasks which include but are not limited to: Customer Q&A, data analysis, code generation, empathic A.I. modelling, image generation, real-time research and content generation and much more. 

A.I. Business Integration
You'll receive custom A.I. models integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. This helps you automate tasks and in some cases completely replace human capital through automation. It is almost as if you suddenly hire a senior employee whom you'll only have to pay once.

Our A.I. integrations are capable of two-way communication through text, voice or a combination of these with your own, custom designed, 3D avatar. 

Image by fabio

Meet The Team


Nick R.

Marketing Director


Damir K.

Founder / CEO


Norbert S.

Community Manager

Our awesome production crew consists of five developers / coders and two 3D artists located in India and Ukraine.


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Join many others in becoming a Destiny  ERC20 Token ($DEST) holder  and enjoy all the current and future benefits of being a part of the A.I. revolution.

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