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Web3 Integration

Upcoming Destiny A.I. Token, NFT Collection and more...

Mainstream use of Artificial Intelligence and its affordability is an emerging market, much like Web3 and DeFi.


In order ensure that Destiny A.I. covers all bases when it comes to participation in these markets, we have decided to establish and occupy our own spot within Decentralized Finance.

This will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • Launch of our own token ($DEST) on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Launch of our own NFT Token on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • A Metaverse-integrated project Soul.

The $DEST token has launched on February 23rd 2023 on the Ethereum blockchain. The token will have real-world use within the company. Our NFT collection, expected to go live during H2 of 2023, will have a broader use case. 

Detailed information about the utility of our digital assets will be updated both on the website and on our social media channels.

Our Journey
Has Begun.

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